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Getting your Android Device Managed by WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager

Android, the world leading mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel has been ruled the world by acquiring 80% of the smartphone market share today. That means many employees in your organization are using Android phones for their day to day tasks, and bringing them to your organization.  If you are a CTO or  system administrator who deal with security, you have had to be worried about bringing Android devices into your work place.

WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager was developed to provide a platform which helps solve mobile computing challenges enterprises face today. It is a free and open source EMM solution which supports Android from the beginning.

New WSO2 EMM 1.1.0 supports Android with zero configurations. It support for both Android mobile device management as well as mobile application management out of the box. Policy driven approach can be also used for Android in WSO2 EMM to manage BYOD and COPE devices separately.

WSO2 EMM also comes with Enterprise Mobile store and mobile publisher. You can create your own Google Play like private enterprise mobile store with EMM and adding your private enterprise apps or public Google Play apps to it.

To find more about to manage your Android device with WSO2 EMM, please join me with the Webinar on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (PDT)

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